I’m Kulesh Khatiwada

My years of experience in hydropower sector have taught me many things and different skills in my life. I have experience of working in hydropower project from its very beginning to the completion. During my professional career, I have involved in study of the hydropower project including Desk Study, Pre-Feasibility study, Feasibility study, Connection Agreement, Power Purchase Agreement, Detail Project Report, Environmental Impact Assessment and also involved in preparation of Operation Procedure manual. I am familiar with all the components of hydropower project. During my career, I have involved in bidding process, procurement,
contractor selection, BOQ preparation and rate analysis as well.

Since I have completed a project being in construction site, I am well known about the construction site management, possible local issues, water right issues, disputes resolution with local and other stakeholders, conflict resolution with contractor, etc. I know the importance of team work, smooth operation of day to day activities in construction site and labor management.

In addition, I got opportunity to know the rural community, their problems, culture, and tradition from very close. Beside technical aspects of project, I have involved in administrative task, managerial task, building relationship with local peoples, NEA officials, different government bodies, other stake holders and also in land acquisition for the project. I involved in making coordination between contractor and consultant, regularly reporting and presenting the work progress to the project manager and managing director. I also have experience of working as a plant manager in a hydropower project and a micro hydro project of local community near our project site. During that time I got to supervise reactive, preventive and predictive maintenance of the power plant, transmission line, substation and distribution line. I am familiar with the power plant operation, power evacuation, line losses analysis, voltage drop analysis, design of transmission line and substation, construction work related
to transmission line and substation, charging of transmission line and substation, fault detection in transmission line, distribution line and substation, maintenance of transmission line, distribution
line, substation and power plant as a whole. Moreover, I am familiar with NEA distribution code, grid interconnection of renewal energy projects and testing and commissioning of hydropower projects.

I am a person who likes to take challenge. I have capacity to perform the task in stressful condition and environment. I feel comfortable to work in any communities. My work experience, my working style, my involvement in different activities of hydropower project including study
of the project, BOQ preparation, contractor selection, procurement, construction supervision, quality control and design of all components of power project including transmission line, Electro Mechanical and substation, plant operation and maintenance will help me to perform the
every task related to hydro power project effectively and efficiently.